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The Rockart Center delivers a new approach to Enterprise Architecture and symbiotic disciplines such as Solution Architecture and Information Architecture. This is done by providing a complete suite of architectural expertise to enterprises, but through non-traditional delivery such as:

  • flexible delivery of people and skillsets as required;
  • independent of popular frameworks and vendor tools by providing information management portals for supporting client engagements and artefacts; and
  • internal training function used for inducting and continuously training personnel as well as delivering specialised courses for clients.

Astor Tech delivers new technological innovations for enterprises, particularly in the FinTech area. Projects are often done using a partnering approach. Some of the projects include:

  • various implementations of Blockchain technologies, mostly non-financial;
  • enterprise application integrations;
  • automated identity management; and
  • controlled vendor system release management and governance.

Tobruk and Cyber Security has become critical for all types of organisations, however few provide executive understanding of the pending risks to current operational systems nor executive advise as how their type of business could be best secured without impeding customer engagements. Tobruk strives to assist any organisation that finds their systems being:

  • increasingly being connected to the internet for better customer usage;
  • better enabling a mobile workforce;
  • supported throughout outsourced remote management capabilities; or
  • usage of external command and control tools.

Cogent Labs is Latent Venture's way of giving back to the innovators. It is intended to be a collaborative ideation and development collaboration space. Where cogent but latent opportunities are fostered and explored with a clear path of nurturing towards a establishment of a commercial operation. Latent Ventures provides resources into the lab as required and also encourages training and further job skilling when required (even borrowing time from some of the Rockart Education personnel).

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