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Our approach is to partner with driven entrepreneurs who bring the energy to sustain the development of an early stage venture. This ethos engages people throughout a wide age group, background and level of experience. Though one common factor remains: Latent Ventures supports both technological and business development without stereotypical impediments imposed by other incubators or venture capital funds.

Our methods place more emphasis upon sharing responsibilities and rewards while Latent Ventures personnel provide constant support through the ideation, establishment, development and expansion phases of each resulting commercial opportunity. The modus operandi of Latent Ventures is to develop several opportunities that can organically grow themselves eventually as their capabilities and executive expertise is amplified rather than to impose controls and rigor that impedes the creative and commercial grow paths.

We consider each opportunity a member of the Latent Ventures family and an ever growing ecosystem. We have invested in:

Architectural service and training company
A new approach to delivering and continuously engaging clients technical architectural requirements and maintaining capabiulities;
Innovative solutions research and delivery company
Applying extensive industry expertise and research into innovative approaches around enterprise and FinTech requirements for Blockchain technologies, new financial system approaches, robust automated identity management, technical release and vendor management; and
Cyber security service for executive management of risk
Advising vulnerabilities at both the technical and business layers with additional specialist consulting activities.

Key Concepts We Consider

Entrepreneurial Drive

This is crucial to the establishment of any startup. If the key founders are not providing the main energy, drive and direction then it is very difficult to build any successful team, let alone be able to achieve any of the other Key Concepts consistently.

Successful founders are people who detect problems and seek to understand and solve each. It is this quality that Latent Ventures fosters so that we can put in place the right support that develops both the company as well as the personnel along the journey - without having to also provide the constant energy required.

Commercial Sustainability

To Latent Ventures the development of a business following a chosen clear path towards achieving a sustainable business model is vital for all involved: entrepreneurs, investors, partners and employees.

Latent Ventures provides many types of assistance in this regard from executive training, mentoring and engagement of specialised industry advisors. This careful and considered approach also builds understanding for future fund raising events - something we also take great care in analysing for benefit to all.

Clear Market Value

Intellectual property is a major driving force in today's startup marketplace. Although we are not solely driven by patents and other intellectual protectionist strategies we also do not want to undermine future value for all envolved by not carefully considering how each business can be protected.

Whilst some in the field only consider legal paths we encourage exploring true options whilst validating any commercial sustainability strategies. This has led to more honest startups gaining the correct typs of investment and investors that better aligns future expectations on comercial rewards.

Latent Ventures Group of Companies: